Царски долмен южно от село Хлябово или Долмен Начови чаири

Южно от село Хлябово, в местността Евджика / Авджика се намира Долмен Начови чаири или Царски долмен.  Мегалитната структура е открита от академик Георги Бончев през 1901г. и представлява долменоподобна скално-изсечена камера. Долмените при с.Хлябово са обявени за природна забележителност. По данни на геолозите Георги Бончев и Херман и Карел Шкорпил … Continue reading

Luchiya, 28/08/2018
Luchiya, 28/08/2018

A visit to Boyana church – part of the UNESCO world heritage

  Boyana church “St. Nicolas and St. Panteleimon” is a small medieval Bulgarian Orthodox church located on the outskirts of Sofia. It is part of the UNESCO world heritage and is famous for its medieval frescoes from the year of 1259 that have been preserved to this day. Their diverse, colourful and … Continue reading

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Luchiya, 19/12/2017

Bachkovo monastery ‘Assumption of holy virgin’

Bachkovo monastery is the second largest monastery in Bulgaria. Situated near the village of Bachkovo and not far from Plovdiv, the monastery is easily accessible and enjoys many visits especially on the weekends and on big orthodox holidays. The main church ‘Assumption of holy virgin’ was build in 1604. Within it you … Continue reading

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Luchiya, 23/11/2017

Stone Mushrooms

The Stone Mushrooms (Bulgarian: Каменните гъби) is a natural rock phenomenon near Beli plast village in Bulgaria, on the road between Haskovo and Kardzhali. They are easily accessible by car. You can stop by the road and take your time to visit the area. The rocks are about 2.5 metres tall. … Continue reading

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Luchiya, 15/11/2017